Spotlight on Children

Spotlight on Children is a Leo Club International project. We as Leo Club Willemstad have decided to dedicate this project to literacy. Along with collecting books from our community, we will be explaining to children from various elementary schools that reading is important. 

Most children do not read as often as they should. That is why we set our goal to convince them that reading is fun and not a punishment, like most perceive it to be.


The date on which you can drop off your books is:

The 23rd of March

From 11:00 to 17:00.

The location will be Landhuis Klein Kwartier.


You can also find a video promoting the project posted on our social media @LeoClubWillemstad.

We will also be hanging posters at various locations, to raise awareness about the project.


Welcome to Leo Club Willemstad

Leo Club is a youth Lions Club project that is ongoing for decades now. Leo Club provides young people with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of their local, national and international communities.

This Leo-istic year of 2018/2019 is the first year that Curaçao has an Alpha Club. Alpha Leo Clubs are designed for youth between 12 and 18 years old. This track focuses on the individual and social development of teens and preteens.

We do a lot of fundraisers throughout the year, to then use the money we gather to do different events for the community. An event that we have done last Leo-istic year is the ‘Give Hope and Receive Love’ event. Our two recent ‘Give Hope and Receive Love’ events have been really successful, with a lot of Leo’s helping out in every way possible. Two years ago we went to Siloam. This is a sort of foster home for terminally ill children, who go there to spend their last months, weeks and even days. These children are here either because they can’t get the proper care at home, or their parents just didn’t want them around anymore. The playground that Siloam had was broken and ruinous, and so Leo Club went there to help and fix it for them. They also had a long table where everyone ate, which was in very bad shape. And so we helped fix this too. This year we did an event called ‘A Day at the Fair’, where we hosted an event for the ‘We Believe Kids’ foundation. This foundation takes in children that don't have the means to pay to go to an after school daycare. This day was filled with bouncers, games, treats and many more. It was an all-around really fun day for all the kids.

Another event we did the past Leo-istic years is the ‘Stop Bullying’ campaign, where we find a place to show and or make people realize the effects that bullying has on people. Normally we take a school theatre and make a play or something relatively similar to that. This year we took a different route and televised the campaign. We made different skits and tiny clips that were on TeleCuraçao every night for a week. This was one of our more successful events that had a lot of great feedback from the audience.

Leo Club Willemstad is now doing a lot of different projects. So far for the 2018/2019 Leo-istic year we have done a Beach Cleanup, The Car-No-Wash and the Christmas Giving. You can find more information about these events here







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