Bellstech leo club as a service oriented organization in Bells University of Technology Otta in Ogun state, Nigeria, came into existence October 2012 and was chartered 16th of July, 2013.The club started with a total number of 6 students until it increased her members towards December, 2013 to a total number 24 members. The club is made up of happy and service minded set of students.
This club installed its pioneer officers and president, Leo Ahmed Sojobi , on the 23rd of November 2013. It happens to be the first club to encourage student leadership in the University. Members became role models and mentors to their colleagues in school. The club has been able to build a number of committed service minded students who are passionately enjoying the art of volunteering within the University and its community at large.
In their first lions year, 2013/2014, a number of service projectsdone by the ckub were recorded such as, visiting and donating to Orphanage homes, Volunteering to Usher at the University 2013/2014 Graduation ceremony, donating an 8ft by 4ft notice board to the University and also 3 large outdoor wall clocks, Environmental sanitation around the University community, renovating a community primary school and many more but few to mention.
This club was the first club in the University to organize a Leadership training class for its members and non-members, encouraging effective student leadership on campus.


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