Leo club is world wide youth organization under the international association of lions club that was established in Bangladesh in the year 1973, in 2004 Leo club of chittagong golden city was born object “Fellowship Through Service” and introduced some talent you Leo Mohammad Khorshed Alam, Vice-president Leo club of chittagong port city Md. Harunur Rashid, Md. Rahul Quddus, Md. Musa, Md. Jahangir Alam, Md. Ullah, Md. Mustak Ahamud Khan, Rana Das Joy, Md. Kafsat Chy, Jinat Mostafa.

The formation of new Leo club was proposed Ln. Jahangir Alam, Ln. Mohd. Kabir Uddin Bhuiyan MJF Organizer and guiding lions, Lions club of chittagong Dynamic city, Ln. Sarder Abdus Samad, President Lions club of chittagong Dynamic city, Leo Badiur Rahman, District President 2004-2005. Who contributed a lot of this club.

The Board of Districts of Lions club welcomed and approves the proposal. The first organizing meeting was held on Imam Mansion (2nd floor), Dampara, Ctg on july 15, Thursday 5.30pm with the presence of Ln. Mohd. Kabir Uddin Bhuiyan MJF, District governor 2007-08, Ln. Jahangir Alam, Ln. Asraf Ali Ashu, Ln. Nasimul Ahsan chy (Jewel), Ln. Sarder Abdus Samad, Ln. Md. Musleh Uddin, Ln. Morshed 29,2004 Thursday same time same venue. First official Banner of Leo club of chittagong Golden city was formed that day and Leo Mohammed khorshedul Alam – president, Leo Md. Rahul Quddus-secretary, Certificate was received from Ln. Md. Musleh Uddin advisor Leo club of Chittagong Golden city & on 20th September, 2004 the club started the formal journey by completing the first regular meeting on April 8, 2005 Lions club of Chittagong Dynamic city was formally received there charter Certificate for lions club International through the sponsoring club president Ln. Sarder Abdus Samad , Ln. PDG Nader Khan MJF, Ln. PDG Rupom Kishore Borua MJF, Ln. PDG Alhaj Rafique Ahmed MJF, Ln. PDG Ekram Hossein MJF, Ln. DG Kabir Uddin Bhuiyan MJF, at Hotel Saint Martin, Kakoli Hall in chittagong. April 8th, 2005.

We are really grateful to District Governor Ln. Mohd. Kabir Uddin Bhuiyan MJF, Ln. Jahangir Alam, Ln. Sarder Abdus Samad, Ln. Md. Musleh Uddin, Ln. Manjur Alam (Monju), Leo Habib Ullah, Leo Feroz and all the member of lions club of chittagong Dynamic City and lions clubs of chittagong. We wish of yours Co-operation will help us to be the best Leo club in the District 315-B4, Bangladesh.

Now Chittagong Golden City Leo Club is one of the Leading clubs of the district. We are helping our Lions by our projects such as-

  • Blood Camp
  • Eye Camp
  • Health Camp
  • Dental Camp
  • Khotna Camp
  • D.T.E. Camp
  • Tree Distribution
  • Warm cloth Distribution
  • Wheel Chair Distribution
  • Sewing Machine Distribution
  • Computer Distribution
  • Education Materials Distribution
  • Fund Raising for flood affected people
  • Funding for Treatment
  • Cultural Program
  • Celebration of National and International days
  • Model United Nations Assembly  (MUNA)
  • Monthly Club Bulleting
  • Computer Learning Center


Every year our club is achieving different awards from District and International for there out standing activities. Such as

  • I.P. Appreciation Award
  • International membership growth award
  • International membership Key award
  • 100% Presidential award
  • D.G’s Appreciation award
  • District President Appreciation award
  • Best Club award
  • Best Activities Award
  • Best LEO of the year Award
  • October Service award
  • Youth Camp Performance
  • Leadership Camp Performance award

And many more………

Now Chittagong Golden City Leo Club is passing the glorious 9th year.  Leo Quamrul Ahsan Shishir is leading the club for lionstic year 2012-13 By the Advice of. Advisor(2011-2013)- Ln. Showkat Ali Chowdhury MJF (Zone Chairperson- Lions District: 315 B-4, Bangladesh)Other past presidents of the club are-

Every Past Presidents are holding vital post in the district. Such as-


  • Senior District President Advisor (S.P.A.)

Leo Harunur Rashid, Leo Musa Chowdhury

  • District President Advisor (P.A.)

Leo Abul Kalam Azad, Leo Jahangir Alam

  • Region Director Head Quarter(R.D.H.Q.)

Leo M. Nazmul Islam

  • Region Director (R.D.)

Leo Bipul Kumar Baul

  • Zone Director (Z.D.)

Leo Lokman Hossain

  • District Director (D.D.)

Leo Quamrul Ahsan Shishir



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