1st Time in Bangladesh 6 Leo Clubs from 6 District arranged a jointly service program.
Arranged a program with street children's. Rise all Ride, all package, Lunch, and smile together 2013.


History ofLeo Club of  Chittagong Platinum

“ Leo Club of Chittagong Platinum ” is one of the most renowned club on the chittagong town.
This club is Sponsored by “ Lions Club of Chittagong Alankar ”
It’ in District 315,B4, Bangladesh.
Lions Club ID : 95119
Leo Club ID : 109768
Charter Date : 11 November 2010

Background of LEO:

Leo Clubs are sponsored groups of talented, resourceful, energetic young men and women who are ready and able to face the many challenges the world has to offer. They are leaders who shoulder responsibilities, who has the heart to care and who are there to lend a hand.

Leo Clubs offer an experience in living. Throughout the world from Finland to Australia, from Japan to Puerto Rico, tens of thousands of Leos, through their dedication to humanitarian service, are enriching themselves with new insights, ideas and visions. Leo Clubs provide an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and human understanding. Instead of just wishing the world were a better place, Leos have the chance to make it better.

Do you care enough to……

Help the handicapped help themselves.
Work to alleviate illiteracy and hunger.
Give assistance to the blind.
Ease the pain of loneliness.
Make the world a better, safer and cleaner place to live.
If you do
Add your concern to the thousands of young men and women around the world who are joining Leo Clubs, striving for a brighter world for those whose lives are blighted by disease, poverty, ignorance and loneliness.

We exist because……

We’re all members of the Family of Man. Universally, Leos and their sponsoring Lions Clubs are linked through their unbreakable bond of determination to improve the human condition. We are willing to serve the less fortunate by giving freely of our time, energy, patience and love. No matter what you give to the world as a Leo, you’ll get back again in Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.

Leadership :

All Leos are the potential leaders of tomorrow. Leo Clubs attract actively involved young adults who are ready and able to face the many challenges that the world has to offer. Those Leos who serve in official capacities such as President or Secretary learn to shoulder responsibility as well as delegates it.

Experience :

Leo Club offers an experience in living. By interacting with different clubs on a local District, Multiple District and International level. Leos have the opportunity to learn about their own communities as well as others. Through sharing their lives with other people, they’re experiencing new feelings. Thoughts and visions.

Opportunity :

Opportunity to reach out to learn, to be a person who stands up to be counted-all these things can be yours as a Leo. Instead of just wishing that the world could be a more beautiful, peaceful place, you’ll be working for a change that will be brought about through your efforts. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the friendship of your fellow Leos through dances, outings and projects. Every person who chooses to be a Leo says, in effect, “I care!”

What's in it for me?

- Leadership experience
- Organization
- Social skills
- Self-esteem
- Decision making skills
- Teamwork
- Problem solving skills
- Career possibilities
- Fun

Who benefits from Leo Clubs?

Young people:

Participation in Leo activities and projects helps young people prepare for the future by developing leadership, organizational and social skills. Members experience increased self-esteem and personal growth as they meet challenges and accept responsibilities. By volunteering their time and talents for the benefit of others, Leo's learn firsthand the value and rewards of service. Leo Club involvement can start young men and women on a lifetime of helping others.
Everything you need to know about Leo's

Leo Club are an official activity of Lions Club International that encourages young men and women to serve other's in their community and around the world. Leo Club are sponsored by local Lions Club and may be either school-affiliated or community based. Leo Club activities include regular meetings, service projects and social functions. The Leo Motto - Leadership, Experience and Opportunity is fulfilled as members work together in response to the needs of others.
What's in it for the community?

- Create awareness of community needs
- Helps improve community and youth relationships
- Enhances community development
- Improves quality of life for recipients and givers
- Helps the quality of life of others
- Opportunity for youth to volunteer service

Typical Leo's Projects

Fun - Hearing
Environment - Citizenship
Drug Awareness - Public Service
Youth Welfare - Youth Exchange
Health - School Support
Save Sight

The Sponsoring Lions Club
By sharing in service activities, a Leo Club can increase Lions Club effectiveness in helping others. Leo projects within the community also contribute to a Lions Club visibility and good reputation. Working with young people can help Lions Club member's experience renewed interest and enthusiasm for projects and activities. If Leo's are son's or daughter's of Lion Club involvement become a "Family Affair".

Who can be a Leo?

Leo Club membership is open to young men and women between the age of 12-28. Membership is divided into two groups, the school based Leo's are generally between the age of 12-17 whereas the community based clubs have members age 18-28. Young people of high moral standards who wish to serve others are eligible to become Leo's. School administrators, Lions, friends of Lions and community leaders can provide names of potential members. Candidates may also be recruited through public announcements.

What is the Leo-Lion Relationship?

The success of a Leo Club depends on a close partnership with its sponsoring: Lions Club. The Lions role is to offer support, guidance and counsel while the Leo's are responsible for planning and implementing their own activities, financing their projects maintaining the smooth operation of the club. Leo's have their own club officer's and constitution.

The Leo Advisor (a member of the Sponsoring Lions Club) serves as the chief liaison between the Leo and Lions Club. Duties of the advisor include offering constructive suggestions to the Leo's, reporting on their activities to the Lions Club and promoting a co-operative relationship between the two clubs.

The privileges of Leo membership
As a sponsored activity of a Lions Club, Leo Clubs are entitled to many services and benefits offered by Lions Club International. Informational and club materials include new member kits, guides for service activities, leadership aids, idea for fund-raising, club supplies and international newsletters. Leo's can participate in the annual Lions Club International Convention, attending their own functions. Leo are also entitled to receive official awards and recognition for their achievements. Because of the international scope of Leo Clubs, members enjoy the global identity of a worldwide organization. International programs as such as club twinning, youth exchange and youth camps enable Leo's to connect with and learn from other young people around the world.

What is the Lions Club-Leo Club Relations?

The Lions Club has the responsibility of providing proper guidance and counsel too its Leo Club and working with it closely to ensure that it operates within the policies of Lions Club International. The Leo Club being a junior in the International Lions Club Association serves as a learning centre for the generation to be our future leaders.

Because a Leo Club is an activity of the Lions Club, time, energy and dedication on the part of the Lion sponsors are essential to the vitality and long term success of the Leo Club.

Leos will have their own club officers and their own constitution. They will be responsible for planning and implementing their activities, financing their projects and maintaining the smooth operation of the club.

A dedicated Lion or Lioness able to communicate with young people should be appointed as the Leo Club Advisor. The Advisor offer constructive suggestions to the Leos, reports on their activities to the Lions Club and helps promote co-operative working and social relationships between the two.

What about school-based clubs?

Leo Club can be formed in state or private schools. The supervision by the sponsoring Lions Club is exercised in full co-operation with the school authorities. The Leo Club is subject to the regulations and policies established for all student organization and activities. A faculty advisor, usually a member of the school's staff or administration, serves as a liaison between the school and Leo Club. The faculty advisor also works closely with the Leo Club advisor.
How do we begin?

If Lions Club members are interested in sponsoring a Leo Club, complete the coupon to obtain an organization kit.

The kit includes:

- Suggestions for organizing a Leo Club
- Information brochures for prospective Leo's
- Leo Club constitution
- Handbook for Leo Club advisor
- Application for Certificate of Organization
- Membership application blanks
- Leo membership

When you join Leo's you become a member of a worldwide organization with more than 5500 Leo Club and a membership in excess of 140,000 operating under the sponsorship of Lions Club in 138 nations. Leo Club in District B1, Malaysia has proud records of achievement in all areas of service to their local communities. All of our clubs provide ample opportunity for their members to learn and to be involved.

How much time will it take?

Your involvement in Leo's depends on the amount of spare time you can afford. The most important thing to remember about Leo's is that:
- Leo's help people in need
- Leo's help their club grow
- Leo's help their fellow Leo's
- Leo's have lot's of fun.

Club's Rules & regulation:

- Monthly General Meeting: (Friday )
- Club Board Meeting: Friday
- District Office Day: Thursday / Friday (Only Board Member)
- Club Joining Fee:500 tk
- Monthly Club Fee: 50 Tk (Per Month) Male :50tk  / Female :25 tk
- If Any Member Unable to Present 3 ''General Monthly Meeting'' Will be Lost His/Her Membership.

Club’s Previous Projects:

Project “ Tree Plantation”
Project “Blood Donation”
Project “Schooling Prog”
Project “Seminar On Governor Call”
Project “Membership Growth Prog”
Project “Blood Grouping”
Project “Debate Competetion”
Project “Iftar with Orphans”
Project “Clothes for Deprived”
Project “Warm Cloth Distribution”
Project “SUNSHINE”

Club’s Upcoming & Ongoing Project :

Ctg Street Children's Heaven Project

Stay Tuned ...............................................................

For More Quire & Communication Purpose:

For any kind of info about our club,club activity,upcoming projects or communication purpose you can mail us on (Club's official mail id) ( Founder President's mail ID )
Call : +8801819-858012
skype id : ashikul _ alam
Club ID:


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