De Tyger Leo Club

De Tyger Leo Club was chartered on the 1st December 2005 and have been an active apart of the Leo District 410A ever since.


The home of the De Tyger Leos is in Cape Town,

South Africa. Where they are situated in the Northern Suburbs; taking on a large area from which the Leos come from.

De Tyger Leo Club has always been a strong club, having two sponsoring Lions Clubs; namely De Grendel Lions Club and Tygerberg Hills Lions Club. With the help of both sponsoring Lions Clubs the club has blossomed into a very special and active club.


The Leo members of this club have al

ways had a big interest in children and the well-being of children in Cape Town. Many of the Clubs Projects can be seen to be doing activities for underprivileged children, mentally and physically disabled people as well as the blind people in Cape Town.

Our Leo Club strives to maintain FUN in everything that they do, and is a strong belief that the Youth must look after the Youth.


Our Club has won many awards however the

three awards that stand out are:

The Club Excellence Award which was won on an International Level.

Janine van Wulven won Top 20 Leo of the year award on an International Level

Deon van Wulven won a Louis Volks; humanitarian Award on a National Level. (Highest National Award that can be won)

The De Tyger Leo Club has also had four District Presidents come from their Club, namely:

Deon van Wulven 2008/2009

Grant McPherson 2009/2010

Janine van Wulven 2011/2012

Leal Fourie 2013/2014


The De Tyger Leo Club is truly an honorable club and cares about their community


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