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Hola Viewers. Welcome to the E-Club House of Leo Club of Gauhati.

Leo Club of Gauhati, the oldest club of Leo District 322G was chartered on 15th April 1974 with a hope and a vow to serve the society with all the resources, abilities and ideas which could manifest itself into a beautiful reality of an egalitarian soicety. Our efforts since the inception has been to redefine our own standards and working methods to serve the soviety in all the possible manners we can. Every year our dynamic, tech savy & service oriented members perform leadership roles in different ventures to create experience by grabbing innumerable opportunities that this organization provides.

Service to man is service to God is the underline etho of our club. And when we translate this saying to form our current Leoistic year's theme, it becomes- 'SAMARPAN', meaning 'DEDICATION'. Yes friends, we at Leo Club of Gauhati are a dedicated lot of youth power who possess the transcendental wisdom and will power to travel beyond the aegis of our limits to bring the society closer to its dream.

With this brief preliminary understanding of our club, we wish you a happy reading this blog.


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile- Albert Einstein


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