Leo Club of Kathmandu Sitapaila Future Star, club no. 124733, is a part of Lions Club International serving since 2015/16 with Leo Muskan Raj Gautam as a Charter President on the sponser of Lions Club of Kathmandu Future Star Sitapaila. We, the member of this club, are aimed for the maximum participation of Nepalese youths on the social works and gain benifits from LEO(Leadership Experience and Opportunity).

We have organized half dozen programs like Orientation, Blood donation, Sanitation, Regional meetings, Charity Show, etc. on the fiscal year 2015/16 and are aimed to organise more than its double on upcoming year 2016/17.  

Since we do not have specific space for the club, so we held our regular in at Bafal, Kalanki, Kathmandu on the presidency of Leo Bhagawani Bhatta, 2 days a month. 

For more information please visit to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LCOKFSS.


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