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"The Leo Club of Kathmandu Kipu" is a youth organization in Kathmandu, Nepal, based in District H under MD325, that operates under the Lions Club International.

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Kipu was established on September 8, 2020, and since then, it has grown to be a dynamic and active force for good change in the local community. The club's name, "Kipu," has particular meaning for it since it comes from the city of Kirtipur, also known as "Kipu," and it represents a value that all of its members share.

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Kipu's main goal is to get its members involved in different volunteer activities and projects for the community. Social concerns, including those related to health, the environment, eradicating poverty, and disaster assistance, are frequently the focus of these programs. The members gain critical leadership abilities, collaboration abilities, and empathy by taking part in such activities, in addition to having a real-world influence on their community.

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Kipu has participated in and planned a lot of initiatives during the course of its existence. For instance, setting up educational seminars for disadvantaged kids, running health clinics in underserved regions, planting trees to encourage environmental conservation, and working with local government agencies to address urgent social issues are a few of these.

In order to raise funds for its initiatives and win support from the community, the Leo Club of Kathmandu Kipu also organizes awareness campaigns and fundraisers. These efforts not only help the club be better able to carry out its objectives, but they also raise public awareness of the organization's admirable goals.

The Leo Club's emphasis on leadership training and personal development is one of its distinctive features. Leo Club members are encouraged to serve in a variety of capacities within the group, including those of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and project coordinator. Members gain essential organizational, leadership, and communication skills through active participation in these roles, which will help them in both their personal and professional lives.

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