The glorious history of Leo club of Kathmandu capital city started from the day when it was chartered on 7th January 2014 by the Original president Leo Bikash Thakur. It has been serving mankind since then. Service through passion is what Leo club of Kathmandu Capital City and Leos have practiced since its birth and we believe that the same spirit won’t let us die.
Today almost all people are materialistic they don’t think anything behind luxury and self-satisfaction. But there are some who having the feeling for others and who want to work beyond selfish needs. These peoples are called Leos. Leo club is the physical body and Leos are the soul of the organization. Our main motto is to serve the poor and the needy. We are completely the volunteer organization. The regular meeting discusses about the agendas that the club has to work upon and the works it has done till date.
We celebrate the national and international festivals and days with full enthusiasm. We encourage the youth participation in all sorts of social activities. The celebration helps to improve the awareness among the general people and empowering the youth of the nation.
Our club carries out activities like scholarship distribution at government schools, library establishing on remote areas where proper facilities for education is not available, participation in different community based projects like cleaning locality, health and hygiene awareness program, blood donation program etc. The funds for these activities are generated from the fellow Leos themselves through fundraisers and from membership dues. Another important and inevitable part of our club is “special area project”. We take care of childrens that are underprivileged and try to give them felling that there are several people who care for them and they are not alone.
Peter Ducker said, “Good intensions do not move mountains bulldozer do.” our Leo club of Kathmandu Capital City may not be a bulldozer that could bring a significant change (like moving a mountain) in the society but we are of course “Good Intensions” which we think is able enough to generate feeling of social welfare and “service through passion” among the people. Let’s strengthen each of ours good intensions, we know............... one day we may move a mountain.
from Charter President


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