LEO CLUB of GLC is the youth wing of Lions Club International, which in its own existence, seeks to serve people in need with special emphasis and focus on quality social service, and while different clubs around the world dedicate their efforts to diverse underprivileged segments and developmental aspects, each and every club shares the same vision to service. It has its own existence. LEO CLUBS are spread worldwide in 140 countries around the world and there are more than thousands of Leo Clubs. LEOS get platforms for doing community services, educational projects, medical projects, programmes for underprivileged children, organizing events like mega fun drive, cultural activities, youth exchange programmes, festivals, youth carnivals, leadership programs, workshops and seminars. Every Leo Club is formed with basic aims and objectives. Since its inception, the Leo Club has performed various projects on social service.


This year the Motto for the Club is “Innovation through Empathy”. Keeping in mind the above theme, Leo club has started working on its various projects with due diligence and enthusiasm. In this proposal we have highlighted the events that we have already conducted and the ones we plan to conduct in the future as well. 


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