I am president of my Leo Club My Club is serving the Country by teaching School dropout girls and boys the Art & Science of Self Healing so that they can serve the Humanity and Earn the decent living. No vocational training is of search a short duration as teaching ASSH it does not need any permission from any Medical Authorities as we do not use any Medicine, We also don't apply heavy pressure are prick needles in the body.  We also do not touch the part of body effected. We only stimulate Corresponding area of the part effected on the patients Hand or Foot. The pain relief obtained by ASSH is faster than any pain killer available in the world.

The Chief Ministers of the Stated who are interest in relieving the people of the Country from pain and weakness  problem. I would also like to meet the industry Leaders and owners who are interested in reducing their Loses due to Medical absenteeism and Medical bills. The staff will be healthy and Stress free. We would also like to meet Principals of various School and collages who are interested in making the nation healthy and making student prepare for disaster management. The students trained in ASSH will also be able to look after their own family members and help the Country in bringing down Medical Corruption.   


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