Leo Club of Negombo Host is one of the leading active LEO clubs in Lions Clubs International District 306 B1, which is sponsored by Lions Club of Negombo Host - 306 B1, Sri Lanka.


Leo Club of Negombo Host is one of the oldest LEO clubs in Sri Lanka which has a history more than 40 years of community service. During the time period club has contributed many valuable services to the area and its people and also has produced many outstanding leaders.

After a small period of silence, Club has been reviewed again in 2011, under the leadership of Leo Thilini Fernando with the Guidance of International Director Lion Sunil Watawala PMJF.

Currently the club is conducting its services mainly focusing the Negombo Area and its suburbs with the contribution of a active membership around 35 under the leadership of President Leo Shanaka Fonseka. And we keep marching forward looking for

L - Leadership
E - Experience
O - Opportunity

..while serving the nation from our best to make it a better place.


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