Leo club of New Akwa City, a youth affiliate of Uyo lions club was first formed as Akwa City Leo club in April 1992, and was certified in June that same year by the International office and it's first chatter certificate was officially presented to the club on the 10th of October 1992. It was the 75th club to be certified by the International office. However, the club lost its chatter due to the cancellation of its sponsoring lions club by the International office. Propelled by the desire to serve, members of the club sought for sponsorship from Uyo Lions club and re-chartered the club as Leo Club of New Akwa City on the 11th of July 2001, With Leo Edet Enyong (now a Lion) as the Charter president. Leo club of New Akwa City was organised and chartered as an Omega community based Leo club. Past Presidents of Leo Club of New Akwa City are as follows: Lion Edet Enyong 2001/2002, Lion Emmanuel Essien 2002/2003, Lion Jude Nkanta 2003/2004, Lion Kokoette Mkpang 2004/2005, Ubong Timothy 2005/2006, Lion Ukeme Don 2006/2007, Lion Ifiok Vincent 2007/2008, Aniebiet Oko 2008/2009, Lion Samuel Emmanuel 2009/2010, Lion Usen Nkamare 2010/2011, Leo Shantel Don 2011/2012, Leo Unyime Nkamare 2012/2013, Leo Don Luciano 2013/2014, Leo Esther Usuaette 2014/2015, Leo Ikemesit Joshua 2015/2016,


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