Lions Clubs International is the world’s premier community service organization, with 1.3 million members. Also Known the world over as the Largest Democratic Social organization, it boasts of more than 45,000 Lions Clubs in approximately 200 countries.Leo Clubs are part of the Lions International network. Regarded as the Youth Project of the Lions, Leos also have their own network of over 144,000 young people  in 139 countries. There are over 6,000 Leo clubs as of date. These young people are proud to serve their communities and call themselves Leos. These young community leaders are friendly, active and dedicated to creating new and exciting opportunities by participating in their Leo clubs.  We have over a 1000 youths in 47 clubs today in our District. Leo club of Tanahun Damauli is also part of this group. we have 58 member in our club. we are helping on lions event and doing awareness programe in our city!!  



  Meeting held on Nabaratna 2069-01-11 Leo Ramkumar Shrestha has been elected as the President for the year 2012/13 Leo members of leo club of tanahun Damauli who want to participate the lions convention and leo installation at bhairawa should contact with in 14th baishak 069 to leo ram kumar shrestha contact No 9856060002 please visit again....

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