Leo Libary Project 

Library project is one of the main projects of the Leo District Council 325 B1. Leo Club of Kathmandu Swoyambhu Town has also initiated this project following the theme “Empower to win”. Our Club has
planned to establish a library in an isolated school, Shree Ram Shah Basic Secondary School at Deurali,Gorkha. Based upon our research, the school has a total number of 175 students and 10 teachers. Being an isolated from any facilities of extra curricula and laboratories, the school does not possess a library too. The poverty struck students have almost no access to any extra books except for their course books. The unavailability of these facilities has been the core reason why the number of students are decreasing day as mentioned by the principal of the school, Mr. Rajendra Lohani. He has a plan of upgrading the school to grade 10 (SEE). However, the lack of facilities like library has been the main hindrance. Hence, the establishment of library can be a big support for the school.

We have aimed to provide books of many genres in both language (English and Nepali). Some of them include literature, science, history, novel, drama, religion, nature, story, fiction, poems, biography and other books (dictionary, atlas, etc.). We have aimed to provide 2500 to 3000 books to the school. The main source of the book are donations of books from some schools and some publications as well. Apart from it the other sources include club fund, support from some Lion Leaders. We have aimed to collect 2300 books from schools and publications, and buy remaining books. We have estimated the total fund of the project to be Rs.136500.

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