Faces of LEO Club Växjö

Emanuel NussMeet Emanuel Nuss, simply known as Manu, a founder and the first president of LEO Club Växjö. He left his home in Germany and came to Sweden to do his master degree in mechanical engineering at Linnaeus University in Växjö. Being a LEO since 2012, he unsuccessfully tried to find a LEO club in Växjö. In early 2015 he took the initiative and chartered our LEO Club. We are very happy and thankful for Emanuel! Here you can see Emanuel with Dr. Patti Hill, the Lions candidate for 3rd vice-president LCI 2019-2020 at our national convention "Riksmöte" 2018 in Ronneby.




Viktor OdegardenMeet Viktor Odegarden. He has been a LEO for 12 years now - that is half of his life! His LEO-story is amazingly long. He has been a LEO president two times and once a secretary. He took over the presidential chair at LEO Club Växjö after Emanuel in 2015-2016. He is one of the administrators in running a LEO Växjö Facebook page.






Aiste RemeikaiteMeet Aiste Remeikaite. She came to Sweden to do her degree in Mathematics and became a LEO in 2015. She instantly became the secretary of LEO Växjö and thereafter the 3rd president in 2016-2017 after Emanuel and Viktor. Aiste is also one of the main administrators of the LEO Växjö Facebook page and of #LeoclubSweden on Instagram.







ClorisMeet Jiayu Qiu, better known as Cloris. She has joined LEO Club Växjö in 2016 when she came from China to study computer science. Since 2017 she is the fourth president of LEO Växjö and will continue her work in this role.

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