Leo Club History :

In 1957,  Coach Jim Graver and William Ernst of the Glenside Lions Club, Pennsylvania, USA, formed the world's first Leo Club. All 35 members of the Abington High School baseball team joined Abington Leo Club. The first Leo club was charted on December 5, 1957.

Leo Clubs were formally adopted as an official program and project of Lions Clubs International in 1967, the year of the Association's Golden Anniversary.

In 1968, newly formed Leo clubs began sending their requests for club certification to International Headquarters. On October 17, 1969, forms requesting certification for the Abington High School Leo Club reached headquarters. On this date, the world's original Leo club was formally recognized as a part of the international Leo program. Leo John Hebert of Baederwood, Pennsylvania, served as president of the Abington High School Leo Club.

In total, more than 6,100 Leo clubs in 140 countries with approximately 152,000 members are proud to volunteer to serve others in their local communities and to call themselves Leos. These young community leaders are friendly, active and dedicated to creating new and exciting youth volunteer opportunities by participating in their local Leo clubs.

Today, the Leo Club Program is stronger than ever. Community service remains the cornerstone of the program. Like their Lion counterparts, Leo club members enjoy serving their neighbors and watching positive results unfold.


Being a Leo is a great way to Serve your community, develop leadership Skills and make new friends.

Club Track:   Alpha: 12-17 Age,    Omega: 18-30 Age

Club Type:     School Based,        Community Based


To provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.


The Leo club mottoLeadership, Experience, and Opportunity.

Leadership: Leo members acquire skills as project organizers and motivator of there peers.

Experience: They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community and the world.

Opportunity: Leos develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contributions.


History of Leoism in Bangladesh:

Freedom Fighter, First Film Makar, Past District Governor, Late. Ln. Alhaj Abdul Jabbar Khan is the founder of Leo Clubs in Bangladesh. In 23rd August of 1973 the Leo Club of Bangladesh namely Kamalapur Leo Club was established. Leo M Aawarul Haque is the founder Leo District President of District 315 Bangladesh. In the Leo District Year 1987-88 Leo District 315 bifurcated into 2 Leo Districts Namely District 315A and 315B. Leoism of Bangladesh is Dramatically Changed in the year 1999-2000 and recognized Multiple Leo District Council 315. At Present there are 6 Leo District 315A1, 315 A2, 315B1, 315B2, 315B3, 315B4 under the umbrella of Six Lion District with Multiple District 315.


I pledge of my hand

extended and open,
to help those in need.
I pledge of my heart reach for it
and it will be touched.
I pledge of my ears
to hear another's outcry.
My eyes to see
the plight of others
My knowledge to bring a man
closer to his dreams
I pledge of myself
for the betterment of
my community, my state
and my country.

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