1. Makar Sankranti & General Meeting (14.01.2023)

Makar Sankranti is considered as the best day for a new beginning and let go of the bitter past. It's a day set aside to come together and celebrate.

With this thought, Leo Club of Guwahati Elite organised a Fellowship on 14th January.🤝 We had a great time flying kites, playing games and sharing laughter!🥳

Event Chairpersons: Leo Megha Jalan and Leo Pooja Agarwal.


2. Cataract Detection Camp (21.01.2023)

Leo Club of Guwahati Elite in association with Guwahati Lions Eye Hospital organised an Eye checkup and Cataract Detection Camp at Machkowa, Pucca Masjid School on 21st January, 2023. During the camp around 200 patients were benefitted with medical attention including Eye checkup and Cataract detection. Doctor Debeswar Pathak along with a nurse and technician conducted the checkup where around 29 patients were detected with cataract problem and they will be operated free of cost at Lions Eye Hospital in the next week.We sincerely extend our gratitude to Ward Councillor, Mr Saurav Jhunjhunwala for helping in organising the Eye Camp. Heartful gratitude to the school authorities of Machkowa Pucca Majid School for providing their premises for this noble cause.

Event Chaiperson : Leo Kunal Jain and Leo Srishti Budhia


3. RC ZC Meet (29.01.2023)

The Regional & Zone Meet (Zone:- V, VI, VII : Region III) was held on 29th January, 2023 at South Point School hosted by Leo Club of Gauhati and our club co- hosted the meet along with Leo Club of Gauhati Girls, Guwahati South,  Guwahati Gold, Guwahati Alpine, Guwahati Alpine Axis. The Region 3 Chairperson - Aditya Agarwala, Zone 6 Chairperson - Anup Kr Gupta and Zone 7 Chairperson - Aniruddha Nath were present at the meet.


4. Slogan Competition (26.01.2023)

Republic Day is celebrated all over the country in order to commemorate the enforcement of Indian Constitution into existence. In order to make celebrations more effective and memorable,we, the members of Leo Club Of Guwahati Elite successfully organised a Slogan Competition where we received some unique and meaningful slogans. 🏅The winner of the slogan competition was Krishna Agarwala. We congratulate him and all the participants for voicing out the slogans.

Event Chairperson : Leo Pooja Agarwal


4. Webinar on Budget 2023 (08.02.2023)

“Budget is the most crucial part of the Indian Economy”

With this thought, we organised a session on budget with its keynote speaker CA Mukesh Agarwal. He covered various topics like taxation for individuals, and startup taxation. It was a great opportunity and a very fruitful session which widened the knowledge of all the participants.

Event Chairperson : Leo Pooja Agarwal and Leo Saurav Agarwal


5. Feed the Hunger (12.02.2023)

Leo Club of Guwahati Elite along with other Leo Clubs of Region III namely LC Bongaigaon Elite, Dhubri Town, Gauhati, Gauhati Girls, Guwahati Alpine, Guwahati Alpine Axis, Guwahati Gold, Guwahati Kamrupa, Guwahati South, Guwahati Umang and Shillong Youth jointly completed a Regional Project of Feed the Hunger at *Missionaries of Charity, Guwahati on 12th Feb, 2023. 

Event Chairperson : Leo Anjali Jha


6. CFG Summer Camp (25.03.2023)

Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden.

We the members of Leo Club of Guwahati Elite, Gauhati Girls, Guwahati South, Gauhati , Guwahati Gold, Guwahati Alpine and Guwahati Alpine Axis: Jointly organised a One Day Meal Camp in association with CFG.

We interacted with the children of class 1-5 and organised a Dance Competition for them by dividing them into various groups being led by Leo Members.

Event Chairperson: Leo Muskan Gupta.


7. Diabetes Prevention and Reversal Session (02.04.2023)


 "Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen." 

We, the members of Leo Club of Guwahati Elite tried to spread Awareness across people of all ages about diabetes management and Reversal by joining hands with Vivekananda Health Global Guwahati on 2nd April. We also provided them with refreshments during the session.

It was exhilarating feeling one's body come alive, feeling empowered with a sense of lightness and ease. We were feeling energised and motivated, in all manner, worthy for us✨. 

Event Chairperson : Leo CA Abhinav Sharma


8. Childhood Cancer Awareness Project (04.05.2023)

We the Leo Club of Guwahati Gold, South and Elite in association with Assam Royal Global University to conduct an awareness session on childhood cancer on April 4th, 2023. The main aim of the session was to spread awareness about childhood cancer and its prevention. Dr. Ashim Chaudhary was the keynote speaker for the event, who shared his experiences and knowledge on the topic.

The session was interactive, and the attendees actively participated in it. Dr. Ashim Chaudhary spoke about the harmful effects of tobacco and how it can lead to cancer. He shared his insights on the prevention of cancer and how early detection is crucial for treatment. The audience was deeply engrossed in the session and posed several questions related to cancer and its prevention.

Overall, the session was informative and thought-provoking. It successfully achieved its objective of raising awareness about childhood cancer and its prevention. 

Event Chairpersons : Leo CA Pratik Agarwal and Leo Pooja Agarwal


9. Ace the Race (16.05.2023)

Studies has always been our priority. Keeping this thought in mind, we the club members organised a session named "Ace The Race 3.0" on 13th April, 2023 specially for the benefit of our club members with its keynote speaker CA Prabhaw Agarwalla. He covered various topics like do's and don'ts before exams, during exams and after exams along with live examples which helped the participants to relate themselves with their own situation in the hour. It was a great opportunity and a very fruitful session which motivated all the participants for appearing in the exams with full strength and zeal.

Event Chairperson: Leo Kunal Jain

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