Glory and adoration be to Almighty God who adore me with uncommon favour, one in which he choose me as the President of Ikorodu Leo Club 2014/2015 Lions year. This is a rare priviledge and opportunity ordained by Almighty God. Ikorodu leo club is the youth affliates of Ikorodu Doyeen Lions Club. Ikorodu Leo club started as far back in 1985 and to the glory of Almighty God, the club as at today is 29 year old and by the special grace of God, I ODUGUWA ABDULATEEF OLUWATOSIN is the 29th club president. OUR FOCUS PROJECT: Building a Leo Sculpture at a designated place, Donation of items to children with special needs at ipakodo primary school, ikorodu, Donation of writing materials to selected primary school in ikorodu, Quiz competition among selected secondary schools in ikorodu, Aids awareness, Donation to the baby of the year at ikorodu general hospital on January 1st, 2015, Combine projects with other clubs in the region, Donation of relief items to selected maternity homes in Ikorodu, Environmental project Re-painting of Zebral crossing in front of Laspotech, Ikorodu. I say thank you to Ikorodu leo for giving me the privilege to serve and I implore you all to give me maximum cooperation needed. Also welcome to the year of E X P A N D I N G T H E V I S I O N F O R T O M O R R O W. Thank you and God bless you all. In Lionism, We serve! Together, We serve better!! Long live Leo District 404A1 Nigeria, Long live Ikorodu Doyeen Lions Club, Long live Ikorodu Leo club, Long live all Leo clubs in the world, Long live all Lions Clubs in the world, God bless Ikorodu, God bless Lagos State, God bless Nigeria.


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