Welcome to the official web page of Leo Club of Juhu. We belong to the family of leaders, family of extinguished individuals, and club club which is the part of one of the best Multiple and District. Our Parent club, Lions Club of Juhu, itself is an example of its on, where majority of its members have already been members of Leo Club of Juhu. They have shown bright and lead by club to greater heights. 

Leo Club of Juhu has been engaged in service and welfare of the society and the needy since the year 1971, making us one of the oldest clubs in the Multiple 323 and District A3. Till this date all the members from young teenagers to the age of 30 years have been stepping forward again and again by doing their bit of making their home a better place to live.

Please stay connected to be in touch with all the activities and happenings of Leo Club of Juhu or as we call ourselves, "Juhu Leos".


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