Oral Health & Hygiene Trainining

Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club organized a training program on the occasion of National Children Day –Nepal on 14th September, 2013. It was entitled “Oral health and Hygiene Training”. The main objective of the program was to provide fundamental training and awareness about the general oral health care and body hygiene to children. A closely located orphanage and day care center (Namely; One Love One World) sheltering approximately 30 children was chosen as the program site. The children in the center were mostly from 5-13 years of age group. Most of the children living in the center came from various slum areas of Kathmandu. 

All the leo members gathered on the program venue around 5 pm in the evening. The program schedule and format were pre-discussed. The program started with Leo Ranjan president of the club by formally introducing the program. The floor was then handed over to Leo Subam, club secretary and trainer of the program. The training now started formally as per the schedule. Children in the center were given various trainings relating to oral health and body hygiene like general time table of bathing, brushing technique and time table, hand washing technique, etc. in a comprehensive way so that they could further spread the information to their families and friends (Which was also one of the objective of program) .All the children participating in the program were provided with a “oral health and Hygiene” kit which contained a toothbrush, a toothpaste, a soap and a body talc. Basic health concepts like use of personal toothbrush, soap and other materials, regular bathing, keeping your nails short, etc. were also given. Various techniques used during regular brushing, hand washing etc. were taught respectively. After the training period a small interaction time with the participants about the program and the outcomes was followed. The program formally concluded with a small speech of thanks form the program manager of the center and president of club.

Approximately 35 individuals (including staff and children) were benefited through the program. 


World Peace Day Celebration (Sep 21, 2013)

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Horizon successfully organized the “World Peace Day” Celebration on 21st September, 2013 at Swoyambhunath Stupa, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal. The main objective of the Program was to mark the World Peace Day. The members gathered at the Program Venue at around 6 pm in the evening. The Programs Started with walking from down to the Stupa with the theme “Walk For Peace”. The members prayed for world peace by lightening the candles at the stupa. Leo Ranjan Rijal, Leo Subam Kathayat, Leo Kushal Gautam, Leo Anish Niraula, Leo Sristi Sapkota and Leo Rajina Rijal Participated in the Program.


Deusi-Bhailo & Cultural Program (Nov 4, 2013)

Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club organized a Deusi-Bhailo and cultural program on the occasion of  Deepawali  also known as “festival of lights”  with the massive bang on November 4, 2013 at Durganagar Residential Area, Syuchatar. The main motive of the program was to preserve the culture as well as to raise some funds for the club. It was quite interesting to see a huge mass of viewers of the program. After the dance was started, there was a great kind of enjoyment in the faces of the people. Then the certificates were awarded to Leos for various achievements of different Leoistic Year. Other social figures that supported to our club were also awarded. Lion Deepak Kumar KC, president of Kathmandu Horizon Lions Clubs and Lion Ishwar B. Gurung , Leo Club Advisor were also present in the Program. We were able to collect Rs. 9000/-(Approx) for the club. 


 Panipuri & Chat Program (Nov 18, 2013)

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Horizon successfully organized the Panipuri & Chat Program on November 18, 2013 at Durganagar Colony, Syuchatar, Kalanki, Kathmandu. The main objective of the program was to raise some funds for the club but unfortunately we were not able to raise any fund for the club due to some technical problems. Though we couldn’t raise fund from it, people open heartedly appreciated the effort and concept of the club. Also it was a great fun and fellowship and experience among the members.


Farewell Program (Nov 25, 2013)

On 25th November, 2013, Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club organized the “Farewell Program” to our member Leo Rajina Rijal & Leo Rajin Rijal who were going abroad. To appreciate their Remarkable service in our club, we celebrate a surprise farewell program for them to wish every success in their life. Most of the members participated in the program.


 56th Int’l Leo Day Celebration & Induction Ceremony (Dec 5, 2013)

The Leo Club of Kathmandu Horizon successfully organized the “56th International Leo Day Celebration and Induction Ceremony” on 5 December, 2013 at Club Office, Syuchatar-01, Kathmandu. The main objective of the program was to celebrate the 56th International Leo Day also to induct the new leo member, Leo Monika Thapa. All the members were gathered in the club office at 5 PM and the Cake was cut in which International Leo Day, Dec 5, 2013 was written on it. Also the Induction Ceremony was celebrated where new member Leo Monika Thapa was inducted by Lion Hem K. Bidari.

Ambulance Service Inauguration Program (Jan 18, 2013)

Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club in association with GantabyaYatayatSewa organized the official inauguration of ambulance service in Durganagar Society on 18th January, 2014. The ambulance service was made accessible by GantabyaYatayat Sewa located in Syuchatar VDC. The main objective of the program was to provide information about the nearby ambulance service and make it easily accessible to the residents of Durganagar Society and Syuchatar VDC. An exclusively designed sticker containing all the necessary information was distributed to individual families of society. The event was held on the premises of club office in presence of representatives from GantabyaYatayat Sewa, Durganagar Development Committee and Leo Club members.

Mega Blood Donation Program ( 1st March 2014)

Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club successfully organized the blood donation event on March 1, 2014. The main sponsors of the event were D.N Auto works and PR Group. The program started with inaugural donation from the sponsor of the program. Over 46 pints of blood were collected despite the challenging weather conditions. Likewise the contacts of more than five individuals with negative rhesus were also collected. The collected blood was further taken to Red Cross, Brikutimandap for further testing and to make it avail for the general public.

Road/River side ring Tree Plantation (April 14, 2014)

Kathmandu Horizon Leo Club in association with Durganagar Development society organized Road SideRiver Side Ring Tree Planation on April 14th, 2014. To mark the auspicious Nepalese New Year 2071. The main objective of the program was s basically to take an initiative to contribute towards an establishment of a greener community and also to bring the entire community together in the auspicious Nepalese new year day and celebrate New Year day by participating in the plantation program. Approximately 40 trees were planted on the pre- prepared sites of stacked rings. The tree were made available from the support of department of forests and chobhar nursery. The Program started with a formal introduction, general information about program by program coordinator followed by a short speech from the president of Durganagar Development Committee who also officially inaugurated the event. Local residents from the community gathered on the site to participate in the plantation. The event was finally ended with vote of thanks from the club director followed by a short informal discussion along with beverage and refreshments.


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