Mattawan Area Pantry T-Shirt Drive:  For every adult t-shirt donated to the Mattawan Leo Club, the club members transform it into a grocery shopping bag and donate it to the local food pantry.

Mattawan Area Pantry Food Drive:  In the fall, the club members stand outside Wagoner's Grocery and ask them to donate needed items for the local food pantry.

Eyeglass Recycling:  The club members have deposit bins located inside the school buildings for people to donate their used eyeglasses to the Lions Recycling For Sight program.

Community Clean Up:  Club members clean up the school grounds after the last winter snow melt as well as offering this service to local businesses.

Classroom Clean Up:  Club members donate their time and energies in the fall and spring to visiting teacher clasrooms and cleaning desks, chairs, dusting, and disinfecting.

Community Carnival:  Club members man the games at the Lions Club Community Carnival in the spring.

Bell Ringing:  Club members ring musical bells and play songs outside local businesses as a request for donations for the Salvation Army.

Fall Leaf Rake:  Club members blow/rake leaves for local senior citizens and take the leaves to compost piles.

Senior Citizen Bingo Night:  The Club operates a Bingo Game Night for our local senior citizens at no cost.  Prizes are donated.

Community Rummage Sale:  Club members donate items and sell them for donations at the Mattawan Community Rummage Sale in May held at the Antwerp Township Activity Center.  The club keeps 25% of the donations to help fund their activities, but chooses a charity organization to donate the other 75%.

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