Welcome Fellow Leos and Lions.


The University of Zimbabwe Leo Club was Chartered in the Year 2016. We are a Campus based Omega Club opeating under the Life Skills Department at The University.

The UZ Leo Club is part of Multiple District 412 A. Our proud Sponsoring Lions Club is Harare The Phoenix Lions Club.

We continously do activities under the dictates of the 5 Key Service Areas.We also paerticipate in Blood Donations, Clean Ups etc.

Our lonmg standing Club Motto is Service:IssaLifestyle. As UZ Omega Leos we believe that Service is not just a Club Activity but more of a Lifestyle. We eat, breathe, sleep and do service in all facets of our lives therefore, Service: Issalifestyle.For the Leoistic Year 2018-2019 our theme is Learn Engage (Co) Operate.

Over the years our notable achievements include:


1. Getting Chartered in 2016.

2. Winning Vice Chancellor's Award for Best Community Service Club at the University of Zimbabwe 2018 AND 2019

3. Winning Club of the Year (Gold) for Leoistic Year 2017-2018 in the then Single District 412

Notable Alumini:

1. Leo Pritchard Muzanarwo. Past District President 2013-2014, Melvin Jones Fellow, Past Youth Ad Hoc Committee member. Past Leo Advisory Panellist for the Continent of Africa

2. Leo-Lion Wilso Chadzamira. Past District President 2018-2019. Leos District Chairperson 2018 to date for MD 412 A.

3. Leo Aisha Senderayi. Charter President. Currently serving as District Liaison Officer for MD 412 A

4. Leo Maxine Tadyanehondo.Past President. Charter Member. Has served in various capacities at District Level

5. Leo Josiah Joel Duma. Past President. Charter Member. Currently serving as District Treasurer for MD 412A.

Past Presidents

2014-2015 Leo Maxine Kundai Tadyanehondo

2015-2016 Leo Aisha Tsitsi Senderayi

2016-2017 Leo Tanatswa Valentine Chigumba

2017-2018 Leo Josiah Joel Duma


We continuously look to grow as a Club. If any club out there wishes to partner or twin with us on any project feel free to email us at


We Proudly Serve TOO




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