The name of this organization is the Kleinburg Leo Club.
To promote service activities among the youth of the community which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. To unite its members in friendship, fellowship, and mutual understanding.
ARTICLE III: Sponsorship
A. This club is sponsored by the Toronto Trillium Loins Club, but it is not a part thereof, and neither this club nor any of its members has any rights or privileges pertaining to said Lions club or membership therein. 
B. The Toronto Trillium Lions club shall guide and supervise the Kleinburg Leo Club. 
ARTICLE IV: Projects
A. Subject to the provisions of Article III, this club shall plan and implement, with its own manpower, service projects within its community. Full responsibility for such projects shall rest in this club except where the same is shared in a joint project with another Leo Club or other organization. 
B. Projects shall be financed with funds raised by this club, provided, however, that no funds shall be solicited from any individual, business, or organization in the community without giving something of value in return therefore. 
C. This club shall not:
1. Solicit or accept more than occasional financial assistance from the Toronto Lions Club or any member thereof;
2. Solicit financial assistance from any non-sponsoring Lions club;
3. Solicit financial assistance from any other Leo club.
D. No portion of the net income resulting from any financial program in which funds are raised from the public shall be used directly or indirectly to benefit this club or any member thereof.
ARTICLE V: Membership
A. Membership shall be granted in a Leo Club to any person who possess good character, who shall be deemed eligible by the Leo Club committee. Wherever the male gender or pronoun presently appears, it shall be interpreted to mean both male and female persons. 
B. Classes: Membership in this Leo Club shall be as follows:
1. Active: A active member entitled to all rights and privileges and subjects to all obligations which membership in a Leo club confers or implies. Without limiting such rights and obligations, such rights shall include eligibility to seek, if otherwise qualified, any office in the Leo club and in the Leo district or multiple district of which the club may form part and right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership; and such obligations shall include regular attendance, prompt payment of dues; participation in all Leo club activities, and conduct reflecting a favorable image of the Leo Club in the community. 
2. Member-at-large: A member of this Leo Club who has moved from the community, or because of health or other legitimate reason, is unable regularly to attend Leo club meetings and desires to retain membership in the Leo club, and upon whom the board of directors of the Leo club desires to confer this status. This status shall be reviewed each six months by the board of directors of the Leo club. A member-at-large shall not be eligible to hold office or vote at Leo district or multiple district conferences but shall pay such dues as the Leo Club may require. 
3. Omega membership: A member of the Leo Club who is 18 years of age to 30 years of age
C. Termination: Membership in this Leo club shall cease and terminate automatically upon:
1. Reaching an age one year greater than the maximum age limit. 
2. Termination of existence of this Leo club as provided in Article XV.
3. Vote therefore of no less than two-thirds (2/3) of all members in good standing. 
D. Transfer Membership: This Leo Club may grant membership on a transfer basis to a Leo who has terminated or is terminating membership in another Leo Club provided that: 
1. A letter for transfer of membership is received by the new Leo Club, with a copy to the sponsoring Lions Club secretary, from the Lions club sponsoring the former Leo Club, within six months following the date of termination of membership in the former club;
2. Such termination was in good standing; and
3. The age of transferring member falls within the established age range applying to the new Leo Club. 
If more than six months have elapsed between termination of membership in a Leo Club and application for transfer to another Leo Club, an applicant may acquire membership in this Leo Club only under the provisions of Section A of this Article V. 
ARTICLE VI: Meetings
A. Club Meetings:
1. Regular business meetings of this Leo club shall be held no less than twice in each month, and preferably once in each week, at time and places set forth in the bylaws. 
2. The club president may at any time call, or upon written request to him/her by no less than ten (10) members in good standing, a special meeting of the club. Such call may be given verbally or in writing, but it shall be given to each member in good standing and shall designate a time and place convenient to such members and the purpose of such meeting. Such notice, if written, shall be considered as given when deposited in the mails and addressed to a member at his/her address as shown on the club records at the time of mailing. 
3. Quorum: The presence in person of a majority of the members in good standing shall be necessary for a quorum at any regular or special meeting of this club. 
B. Board of Directors Meetings:
1. Regular business meetings of the board of directors shall be held at times and places as provided in the bylaws but in no event less than once each month. 
2. The president may at any time call, and upon the written request of any members of the board shall call, a special meeting of the board. Such call may be given verbally or in writing but it shall be given to every member thereof, and shall designate a time, and place convenient to such members and the purpose of such meeting. Such notice, if written, shall be considered as given when deposited in the mails and 
          addressed to the member at his/her address shown on the club records at the time of mailing. 
3. The presence in person of the president or vice-president and any three (3) other members of the board shall be necessary for a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the board.
4. Any member of this Leo Club in good standing shall have the right to attend any regular or special meeting of the board of directors, but no such member may speak at any board meeting except by consent of the board. 
A. The officers of this Leo club shall be a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer and such other officer(s) as may be provided in the bylaws. Officers shall be members in good standing and shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors have been elected and qualified. No member may hold two (2) offices simultaneously. 
B. The president may not succeed himself in re-election after having served one full term of office. 
C. Unless specifically provided otherwise in this constitution, the duties of the officers shall be those assigned to their respective offices under Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. 
ARTICLE VIII: Board of Directors
Subject to the provisions of Article III
A. The control and supervision of the business and affairs of this club shall rest in a board of directors composed of all officers of the club and three (3) directors elected from the members in good standing. 
B. The board of directors, through the club officers, shall be responsible for the execution of the policies approved by the club. All new business and policy of this club shall be considered and shaped, first, by the board of directors for presentation to and approval by the club members at a regular or special club meeting. 
C. The board of directors shall have general control over all committees and officers, may override the decision or action of any officer, and for good cause, may declare any office vacant and appoint a member in good standing to fill any unexpired term thereof. 
D. The board of directors shall present an annual report of its operations to the club membership and to the sponsoring Lions club. 
ARTICLE IX: Elections
Elections of officers and directors shall be held at times and in accordance with procedures deemed proper by the election committee. 
ARTICLE X: Committees
The bylaws shall provide for finance, project, and such other standing committees as may be deemed necessary for administration of the club. The president, with the approval of the board, may appoint such special committees as he/she deems necessary from time to time. 
ARTICLE XI: Fees and Dues
A. This club shall charge fees and dues as the Toronto Trillium Lions Club shall deem proper to meet administrative costs of the Leo Club, including the amount of any annual payment due to Lions Clubs International by the sponsoring Lions Club, which amount may be reimbursed by the Leo club to the sponsoring Lions club. 
B. Any members who shall owe this club any monetary obligation at the time of any vote at any regular or special meeting, or at any other time which the question of good standing is raised, shall automatically forfeit the privilege of voting by virtue thereof and be considered for all purposes as not in good standing so long as said obligations remain unpaid. 
By accepting membership herein, each member of this club thereby agrees to uphold and be bound by the provisions of the constitution and bylaws of this club. 
The board of directors of this club shall present, and the members in good standing of this club shall adopt, such bylaws as are deemed necessary to the efficient operation of this club; provided, however, that all such bylaws shall be consistent with the provisions of this constitution. Any bylaws or amendments thereto or repeal thereof, which shall contravene any provisions of this constitution shall be null and void and of no effect. 
A. The Emblem of the Leo Club International Program and Leo clubs shall be two lion heads facing outwards from each other divided by a vertical bar with the letters L E O from top to bottom. 
B. The Emblem of Leos Club International shall be preserved for the exclusive use and benefit of Leo Club members. Each member of this club shall be entitled to wear or otherwise display the same in a dignified and appropriate manner during the period of his/her membership. A member shall relinquish such entitlement upon termination of his/her membership or termination of this club. 
ARTICLE XV: Duration
A. This Leo club shall cease to exist upon the first to occur of the following: 
1. Vote of this club to terminate.
2. Receipt by the Youth Programs Department at Lions Clubs International Headquarters of notice of withdrawal of sponsorship by the Toronto Trillium Lions Club via Leo Club Termination Form. 
3. Receipt by the club president or vice-president of written notice of revocation of Certificate of Organization of this club as a Leo club by Lions Clubs International. 
B. By virtue of termination, provided in Section A, all rights and privileges relating to the Leo name and Leo emblem shall thereon be relinquished and surrendered by this club and its members, individually, and collectively. 
ARTICLE XVI: Parliamentary Authority
Unless specifically provided otherwise in this constitution all questions of parliamentary procedure in the operations of this club shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. 
ARTICLE XVII: Amendments
This constitution may be amended only by action of the board of directors of Lions Clubs International and all amendments when adopted shall automatically amend and become provisions of this constitution. 
The fiscal year of this club shall run from July 1 to June 30. 

Bylaws of the Kleinburg Leo Club


A. Election of officers and directors of this club shall be held annually during the first week of May. Those elected shall take office on July 1 following their election. 

B. Nominations of officers shall be made in writing. Candidates shall be voted upon at the regular meeting following the meeting at which nominations are made. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Those candidates receiving a majority of the votes cast by the members present and in good standing shall be elected.

ARTICLE II: Fees and Dues 

A. There will be no entry fee. 

B. Each member shall pay annual dues of $ 24.00

C. No other assessment of members shall be made for any purpose whatsoever. 

ARTICLE III: Committees

A. The president, with the approval of the board of directors, shall appoint the following standing committees:

1. Finance. This committee shall be responsible for determining ways and means of financing any and all club operations and projects. 

2. Events Committee.

3. Media and Promotions Committee

4. Membership Committee

B. No Committee composed solely of members of this club shall take any action to effect its plans until the same have been approved by a majority of the votes cast at a fully constituted club meeting.

ARTICLE IV: Club Funds

The Kleinburg Leo Club shall withhold only 5% of an event's total profit, after a minimum amount of $1500 has been raised, in order to help fund club expenses.  

ARTICLE V: Amendments

A. These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of this club, but only upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all members in good standing, provided: (1) notice of the respective amendment or amendments and the meetings at which such amending vote is to be taken is given at least fourteen (14) days prior thereto at a regular meeting at which a quorum is present, and (2) such amendment or amendments is approved by the Toronto Trillium Lions Club. 

B. Any provision of these bylaws which conflicts with the constitution of this club shall be null and void and of no force or effect. 

(Such other provisions as may be necessary to efficient operation of the club.)

Serving to others: A leo club should be both preserving and creative in seeking opportunities for service within its community.

Fundraising techniques: effective leadership by club officers in planning, organizing, and implementing club projects and in maintaining an active membership shall be considered. 

Public relations: challenges Leo clubs to enhance their public image by publicizing their activities through the news media and other avenues. 

Rules for Leo Attendance 

A. Absence from a regular meeting of a Leo Club may be made up within the time limit of 13 days prior to and 13 days following the date of the meeting missed in any one of the following ways:

1. Attendance at a meeting of any other Leo Club, regular or special;

2. Attendance at a meeting of the member’s home club’s board of directors;

3. Attendance at a duly constituted meeting of a standing committee of the member’s home club; 

4. Attendance at a Lions Club International Convention, a district or multiple district Leo Conference, or any other recognized Leo meeting.  

5. Attendance at any meeting scheduled or sponsored by the member’s own club, including club fundraising and service activities.

6. Attendance at Leo district meeting.

B. A member who is forced to miss a meeting or meetings by reason of illness shall automatically be granted attendance credit for meetings missed upon furnishing acceptable evidence of said illness. 

C. A member who is forced to miss meetings as a result of military service, jury duty, or other statutory requirements, shall be given attendance credit for meetings missed. In each case the club board of directors shall decide if credit should be given for the missed meetings.

D. Any Leo who finds it necessary or is assigned to perform occupational duties for an extended period of time in a place from which he/she cannot readily attend a Leo Club meeting may, at the discretion of his/her club, be granted credit for meetings missed.

E. Responsibility shall be placed on the Leo Club secretary to verify the member has fulfilled attendance requirements. 

F. Members who are not able to attend a meeting should email the Club Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting. 

G. The Kleinburg Leo Club will meet every second Sunday of the month for its general meeting at 10:30A.M. for one hour at the Klein House. 

H. The BOD will meet every second Sunday of the month after the general meeting at the Klein House. 


1. Composition: President, Vice-President, Treasurers, Secretary

Board of Directors

1. Composition: Those who constitute the Board of Directors is the Past-President, Vice-President, Treasurers, Secretary, Senior Director, plus three responsible members. 

2. The Board of Directors shall meet at least once every month to discuss general club business. If more meetings are required, all BOD members should be able to come up with a date in a timely manner.

3. BOD meeting will take place after the general meeting on the second Sunday of each month at the Klein House.

4. All BOD members have a maximum of three chances to miss assigned deadlines for club business, after which a formal review of membership will take place.





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