2018/2019 Projects

Spotlight on Children; Book Distribution -  June 28th, 2019

On this day we went to all the places, institutions and organizations that have accepted our book donations. This was a very long and exhausting day, but with this we can say that we finally finished the project, making it one of the biggest projects Leo Club Willemstad will ever see.

Spotlight on Children; Chaya Willems Presentation -  June 27th, 2019

Today a couple of Leo’s went to Chaya Willems to do the speech and presentation about how reading is very important. Part of the Spotlight on Children project is making sure we raise awareness about our chosen topic, and so we did at the children from various grades at Chaya Willems this morning.

Spotlight on Children Book Drive – March 23rd, April 6th, April 13th, April 20th, April 27th, 2019

Spotlight on Children is a Leo Club International project. We as Leo Club Willemstad have decided to dedicate this project to literacy. Along with collecting books from our community, we will be explaining to children from various elementary schools that reading is important. Most children do not read as often as they should. That is why we set our goal to persuade them that reading is fun and not a punishment, like most perceive it to be. 

Movie Fundraiser – March 7th, 2019

On this day we had our Movie Fundraiser at Cinemark, Sambil. We sold tickets for the Captain Marvel movie, and it was a very succesful event. We also had special guests that include our own Miss Universe Curaçao, members from the Curaçao E-Sports team and our 'Rei di Tumba Juvenil'.

Christmas Giving – December 21st, 2018        

The idea for the Christmas Giving was that the kids will make all of their gifts and gift these to each other. We held this event at the Child First Foundation in Buena Vista, Curaçao. The gifts that they could make include snow globes, slime, pillows, little bags and penguin dolls. The children were between the ages of 4 and 12. We also decorated their classroom with Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree. We then fed the kids hot dogs. We spent the entire day having fun and giving these kids a warm and merry Christmas. For pictures of this event, click here.

Leo Day – December 8th, 2018               

The international Leo Day is actually on the 5th of December, but we decided to celebrate it on the 8th. We played a lot of games and quizzes from different countries. These countries include Lebanon, Japan, India, Colombia, and of course, Curaçao. We also ate a variety of snacks and main dishes from all these different places. All in all it was a very fun, successful and educational night. For pictures of this event, click here

Car-No-Wash – November 9th, 2018

The Car-No-Wash is a fundraising where we encourage people not to come wash their cars. If they buy a ticket and don't come to wash their car, they get the chance to go in a raffle to win a variety of prizes. This year we had 16 prizes. If they do decide to come wash their cars, they will get a clean car but will not get the chance to go in to the raffle and win prizes. This year we sold about 700 tickets and only 2 cars came. For pictures of this event, click here

Beach Cleanup – November 4th, 2018

On this day, the Beach Cleanup was held. We went to Boka Ascension and cleaned up in the forest that was next to the Boka itself. We filled up more than 250 bags. After filling up so many bags, we realized that there was still a lot of garbage left. This was really an eye-opener for us Leo’s because we never knew the magnitude of pollution on Curaçao. Leo Club Willemstad promises to never throw anything away if it isn’t in a trash bin and to always recycle when possible. And also a big thank you Stichting Uniek Curaçao for their help and guidance through the whole process from finding a location to clean to borrowing us gloves and boots for the clean-up. For pictures of this event, click here






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